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Our Mission and Targets are to provide professional services in the translation and interpretation areas for business and other areas as well as advancing occupational prestige of the translator.

Our Company’s slogan is “Quality in everything we do”

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Certified translation of legal documents

The company K&A Translation Groupintroduces services on certified/notarised translation of legal documents. Certified translation is a written translation of the document with a subsequent notarial certification of the translator’s signature. It should be pointed out that notarial certification does not certify the document itself, but the authenticity of the translator’s signature, and his qualification.  The correctness and accuracy of the translation is confirmed by a translator. To perform the certified translation the Client should provide the original documents. The translator should provide diploma that performs his certification. Proof of entry is made on the last page of the translation, which contains the full name of the translator and a notary, language of translation, the number of stitched sheets, number under which registered and shall be signed by the translator and notary, and certified by the seal. The documents ordered by clients for a certified translation are divided into two main groups:

  1. Documents for entities (statutory documents, certificates, authorizations, licenses, financial reports, etc.)
  2. Documents for individuals (certificate, education documents, banking and notarial documents, etc.).

Usually certified translation is required to be made into a foreign language for documents legalization and for the target country. The cost of this service includes both the services of a notary and translator.  If you order this service from our Company you will be 100% sure of the documents translation and its notarization.

Documents translation

— passport
— birth certificate
— marriage certificate
— divorce certificate
— death certificate
— pension certificate
— diploma with supplement
— driver’s license
— high school diploma
— certificate of no criminal record
— employment certificate
— reference from place of study
— certificate of civil status
— the certificate on the state registration of the individual as IE

Economic and financial translation:

– accounting reports
– audit reports
– invoices, offers
– annual financial statements
– loan applications
– feasibility studies
– business plans
– marketing research, economic statistics
– translation of press releases and articles
– advertising booklets and presentations
– texts of websites and programs

Legal translation

– contracts
– statutes
– constituent
– documents
– legal
– opinions
– business letters

Technical translation

— reports
— bill of quantities
— the drawings
— oil and gas
— construction
— tender documentation and others

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Simultaneous interpretation

is performed without any pauses with the obligatory use of special equipment (room for translators, headphones, microphone, and sound system).

This translation is performed exclusively by professionals, who have fast reaction and a brilliant knowledge of foreign language. As a rule, simultaneous interpretation is performed by two interpreters who change each other every 30 minutes. This translation is used at official events: symposiums, conferences, presentations, etc.

To ensure that simultaneous interpretation was conducted at a high level you need to provide information about the date and time of event, duration of simultaneous interpretation, the topic and the language of translation, availability of the necessary equipment.

The materials for the translators training will be an advantage.

Employees working in our company have specialized education and experience in the events of such level. We will provide a specialist in a particular field depending on the event theme.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is more common, as it used during the business meetings, negotiations, meetings, presentations and trainings. This translation is performed by an interpreter with pauses. Interpretation services are becoming increasingly popular, as no business meeting with foreign partners or international conference get along without professional interpreter.

To order interpretation services in our Agency you need to provide information about the future event:

— the place and time,

— the main theme,

— Language of translation,

— the required materials to the translator.

Concierge-interpreter services

Imagine the situation if you find yourself in a foreign country by coincidence where people speak language you don’t understand. In the case, you absolutely don’t’ know the foreign language, the situation of staying could be difficult. Concierge interpreter is the one, who can help brighten up your stay abroad. You can easily use this service in the capital of Kazakhstan by contacting theTranslation Agency K&A Translation Group. The advantage of this service is that your personal interpreter will accompany you everywhere and you will not get into trouble because You just don’t know the language.

Concierge – interpreter will help you in any situation when you need to make a phone call, book a taxi, make a necessary visit, to understand the necessary documentation, organize an event, etc. Services provided by the professional interpreters of our company can satisfy even the most exacting customers. Make your stay in our country pleasant and helpful.

Distance translation

K&A Translation Group offers services for distance translation to save time and money of our clients.

It is very easy to order this type of service– you should send the materials in electronic format to the following e-mail

After receiving the order, our Manager will contact you to get the details, to coordinate the deadline of the translation and its cost, and then the order will be submitted to translators.

You will receive the translation on your e-mail in electronic format. In case of necessity, the documents can be printed and sent by the most convenient way of delivery.

Distance translation is performed within the agreed time regardless of its complexity. Our team of appointed translators, proofreaders, editors are working on every order. All this work is headed by a project Manager who is personally responsible for the order to be handed in on time.


Reference letters

You need to translate a document?

Just choose languages and send us your document we’ll handle it as fast as we can!

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Хорошие и плохие переводы

Вы заказали переводы, получили вроде вполне удовлетворительную работу и теперь пытаетесь понять, было ли это выполнено действительно качественно и очень круто или же просто «на троечку»? Насколько хорошо и профессионально были выполнены эти переводы? Астана полна работников, чей опыт начинается с уровня подрабатывающих студентов и до специалистов с огромным стажем.

Хороший переводчик, как его найти

Рано или поздно возникают ситуации, когда срочно необходим хороший переводчик. Астана может предложить огромное количество всевозможных вариантов, от бюро и фирм до жаждущих заказов фрилансеров. Но так ли много среди них настоящих профессионалов, к которым можно обратиться, не жалея впоследствии о зря потраченных деньгах? Подчас ситуации слишком серьезные для того, чтобы иметь право на ошибку, например, когда дело касается международных взаимоотношений, перевода технической документации и множества подобных случаев.

Профессиональный переводчик. Корректные и оперативные переводы на любую тему

Необходимость качественного изучения иностранных языков осознали уже многие современные люди. Такие знания дают возможность не только заводить друзей в других странах и спокойно с ними общаться, понимая друг друга, но и более успешно развивать свой бизнес, выводя его на международный уровень. Но, что делать, когда своих даже неплохих знаний иностранного языка не хватает для того, чтобы правильно понять требования контракта с зарубежными партнерами или провести встречу с ними на профессиональном уровне?

You need to translate a document?

Just choose languages and send us your document we’ll handle it as fast as we can!