Frequently Asked Questions

Written Translations

How do you calculate the price for translation?

When calculating the cost of a written order the following is taken into the account – languages from which and into translation will be performed, the subject of translation, the urgency of the order, the order’s page quantity – at high volumes, we offer a discount for our customers, as well as additional services such as notary certification of the document, and delivery to the client. Evaluation of the order’s cost is made within 15 minutes after order was posted on our website or sent to our e-mail address, then you will be contacted by our manager. After discussion with our manager regarding order’s details and method of the payment, we should receive supporting documents that you have made the payment, and on the final stage we begin to work on your order.

In what areas do you make translations?

We provide translations in many topics and subject areas such as: economic/financial, business – correspondence, information technology, medicine, technical translations, oil and gas industry, Construction, translation of the companies websites and many other. We can handle any level of subject complexity – our customers leave our office with happy mood! For more details, please contact our office or e-mail us.

How long does it take you to perform a standard translation?

The time is calculated on the type and form of documentation you send us; normally in our practice standard translation of 7- 10 pages of the document is carried out in 1-business day, certified translations carried out in 1 business day.

Is it possible that a native speaker performs the translation?

Yes, most likely we do practice it. A professional translator or linguist makes the original translation, and a native speaker performs the proofreading and correction. We also provide translation services by native speakers from one foreign language to another foreign language (aside from Russian language), for example, English document is translated into Chinese or Arabic document is translated into English.

Can I send you a scanned document for translation, since I'm not in Astana?

Yes sure, in this case we are welcoming a payment to our bank account, the payment you will need to do prior the translation work on your order starts.


How much does an hour of interpretation works cost?

Starts from 7 000 KZT to 11 000 KZT depending on the area of translation for 1 hour, the minimum order time is 2 hours.

How much does the simultaneous interpretation cost?

Starts from 15 000 KZT per 1 hour, the minimum order time is 2 hours.

Notarized Translation

Can you perform a notarized translation of a document from one foreign language to another foreign language?

Yes, we provide certified translations from one language to another, but in this case we should perform translation of a document into Russian with further notarization, and then notarized copy of the translated document is translated into a second foreign language and is notarized separately.

Is it possible to translate a notarized copy of the document?

Yes, we can do a notarized translation.

Can I notarize at your agency a document that is translated by myself?

Yes, you can, but our editor will need to check the original document from which the translation was made, then also will check the accuracy of the translation and will make corrections if needed, and then notarize the document, for these

Is it possible to make a notarized copy of a foreign document?

No, according to Kazakhstan Legislation the notary certifies only the translation of the documents from Russian/Kazakh languages and vice versa.

Which documents can be notarized?

Those documents, the originals of which have stamps and signatures, etc.

How will you notarize the diploma and its enclosures?

According to the law of the Kazakhstan the diploma and its enclosures are notarized on the page basis.

How long will the translation and notarization of a document normally last?

A standard period of time for translation and notarization for 7 -10 pages is normally lasts one business day and 1 business day for a notarization of the translation , we also provide the services of urgency for an additional fee.