About K&A Translation Group

Company’s History 

Founder of the Company/General Director

I have been interested in studying other countries, travelling and different cultures since childhood. Starting from school years in Kazakh-Turkish Lyceum (KTL), I became interested in learning foreign languages as the lessons in KTL were taught in four languages- Kazakh/English/Russian and Turkish. This interest was not overlooked by my parents and soon after school completion I departed to Boston, United States for continuation of my education and thereafter to London United Kingdom. Having obtained foreign education, expanded my worldview and received experience, I returned back home. My return had coincided with economic boom in Kazakhstan, which created demand for translation services in various sectors such as oil and gas, financial, law, construction and many others. Work for foreign company on “Western Europe-Western China” Project has given me versatile experience and understanding of whole road construction process as the documents were required to be prepared in three languages (Kazakh/Russian/English) and there was severe shortage of highly qualified translators. Thereupon, I have been seriously thinking about need for qualitative services on our market. Market is not saturated and advanced. Thus, how our young and ambitious company was established! You will probably ask me Why us? My response is: We are different; most of our team members are educated abroad, mainly in United States and United Kingdom. They have practical experience in different areas, their symbiosis with the professionals who have many years experience in various branches of trade provides that exact quality and accuracy during the translation of technical, economic-financial, legal and other documentation. This differs our work.

My motto is that “There are no impossible tasks – each task requires manhood, business acumen and persistency. Practical skills bring wonders!”


Financial Director

As a Financial Director of the Company, I am responsible for all business transactions and support Company’s whole economic-financial work. I graduated from the University of Edinburgh, MA in Economics and Accounting. Currently, I am in the process of obtaining qualification as a certified accountant (ACCA). During my student years I have worked on state level events as a translator/interpreter. My work experience includes such events: escort of OSCE delegations in 2008, Organization of 38th Islamic Conference in Astana where I worked for MFA RK as an assistant of Council, Mr. Omar Mustafin, also I was responsible for communication between delegations on sessions. Furthermore, I teach English language in the areas of business, accounting and international economics for the professionals. I translated economic-financial and legal documents for translation agencies since 2007.

The main and most valuable work experience I received was working for one of the Big Four audit firms. I worked there as an auditor in Resources department, which has given me enormous practical and professional experience and developed my business English and myself being a professional with audit/ economic-financial language. Working for K&A Translation Group provides an opportunity for further development of professional business English in diverse production and service areas and also provides me both professional and personal development.

My motto is “Success attributes are consistency and perseverance! Even 1000 attempts will provide the result!”

Chinese-English Translator

I really enjoy working for this Company. I work on translation of the documents in different areas particularly my professional activities are closely related to finacial, economic and accounting areas as I earned my degree in United Kingdom, BA Economics and Accounting at the University of Edinburgh and MS Finance and Risk Managament in Bristol University. I started translating when I had to submit documents for university admission. Thereafter, I became more and more interested in translation.

My motto: «Hardwork and responsibilty will always help to succeed».

Mission and Targets

Our Mission and Targets are to provide professional services in the translation and interpretation areas for business and other areas as well as advancing occupational prestige of the translator.

Our Company’s slogan is “Quality in everything we do”.

Our work is based on internally principles “5 Stars”:

  1. Quality of the services provided by the Company which ensures guarantee and confidence
  2. Translation accuracy, which provides maximum comfort to the Client provided that he/she saves time and money
  3. Professionalism of our company which ensures success and our adequate service level
  4. Confidentiality of the information submitted by each Client
  5. Flexibility and individual specifications when executing each task